I teach classical percussion and drums and I also deliver group classes in body percussion and percussion instruments. Moreover, I develop, conduct and deliver body percussion training seminars and percussion workshops for a variety of audiences and purposes, including festivals, dance schools, conservatories and educators.

Body Percussion Lessons

Body percussion is the art of utilizing the human body to create rhythm. Body percussion helps the development of coordination of body parts, movements and functions with external auditory stimuli such as music and sounds in general, cultivates musicality, the sense of rhythm and the plasticity of movements, enhances group cooperation and synchronization, and helps us to actively listen to ourselves and others. In addition, body percussion is accessible to everyone, nurtures creativity, can either be conducted solo or in groups or with musical accompaniment, is "portable" everywhere and, of course, it is fun!

Body percussion is ideal for professionals who perform on stage (i.e., musicians, dancers, actors), music educators, amateur musicians and dancers, and, in general, for all those who wish to get acquainted and become familiar with the amazing world of rhythm.

Body percussion classes are conducted on a regular basis at Avlaia dance school in Volos and the Modern Conservatory of Thessaloniki. Upon request, they are available in the rest of Greece, as well as abroad.

Waiting for the Percussionist (Perimenontas ton Krousto)

The Waiting for the Percussionist seminar was realized in 2017, within the Volos Festival.

Waiting for the Percussionist is a percussion instruments workshop, whose intended audience is not only musicians, but anyone who wants to get acquainted with the fascinating world of the percussion instruments and become familiar with the basics of technique and rhythm. The seminar aims at making participants understand and approach the concept of rhythm within the music ensemble setting, so as the concept of music interaction becomes fully articulated throughout the whole process. Greek. African, Latin and classical percussion instruments provide the participants with a rich palette of expressive and interactive means.

This workshop is closely related to the “In search of Antigone” acting workshop, as well as with the stage lighting workshop, all of which were realized within the 2017 Volos Festival. The three workshops joined forces for the staging of the play “Antigone” at the Ancient Theatre of Dimitriada. Through this collaborative project, the participants not only worked closely with one another, but mostly experienced a cooperative, non-competitive atmosphere.


A music performance/concert that features the evolution of percussion instruments throughout the centuries, as well as the milestones and highlights of human music history and culture. Getting acquainted with sounds coming from Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia, Latin America and Greece, the attendees have the opportunity to become familiar with unknown music cultures and idioms.

Kroustodia was an integral part of the educational program “The history of percussion” and was presented to numerous students in Thessaloniki, in venues such as the “Aneton” theatre and the Sports Museum, as well as in many other Northern Greece cities. It was also a part of the “Sunday Mornings” concerts held in the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, as well as a part of the 41st Demetria Festival.

Kroustodia was performed by
L. Aggouridakis, N. Manis, N. Florentin, C. Sitokonstantinou, A. Aggouridakis, and C. Aggouridakis.