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Inspired by the distinctive, atmospheric sound  of  the vibraphone, the Delasito Project band  has developed a vibrant repertoire of original, multi-dimensional compositions influenced by the jazz / funk scene, as well as classical music,  free improvisation and ethnic music. Additionally, and as noted by the Secret Eclectic arts website, Delasito Project's music is sometimes influenced even by ethio-jazz. The band has appeared in important jazz and alternative contemporary music festivals (including the 6th KOTH Underground Festival, 1st Volos Jazz Festival etc.), managing to deeply move the audience with its fascinating soundscapes.

In January 2019 the band recorded its debut album with G. Kariotis at Sierra Studio (Athens).The album was released in June 2020 as an independent project, mastered by Ch. Zorbas and with artwork design by P. Zoumbouli. Titled Filodia - A musical journey to jazzality, this album is a journey to the contemporary jazz world, as seen and conceived by vibraphonist and composer Christos Sitokonstantinou. In the band also participate Andreas Papagiannakopoulos (electric guitar), Panagiotis Charalampopoulos (electric bass), Thanos Hatzianagnostou (drums), and Zissis Georgalios (kanun), with every musician contributing brilliantly to the band's overall multi-dimensional sound.  

Filodia's sounds are harmonic, rhythmic, dreamy, improvisational, enchanting, subversive, liberating, redeeming. There are moments in the album that the listener might feel the urge to sway his/her body to the rhythm of the music, whereas in some other moments the music becomes overtly playful. Filodia has received quite complimentary reviews as a concise 8-track body of work, while at the same time some of its tracks seem to particularly stand out to critics.According to the Más Jazz magazine, Filodia is a vibrant amalgam, with elements of phantasmagoric art and with advancing, ambient sound , while the track "Naida" is according to 45rpm amazing, epic and reveals a mystique. Contemporary Fusion Reviews refers to Filodia as "unique, engaging and enchanting", commenting that "Naida" is mighty mellow, "Subway" is eerie, bringing to life stimulating imagery, and "Made in Chapan" will carry the listener through many different, high pleasing moods.

Filodia has gained significant airplay in the UK, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Canada and the USA .

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